We are about people and their lives. We believe that people are the most important value for developing an organization’s future. Education provides one of the most concise and compelling rationales for the importance of addressing the Health and Safety behaviors. It’s commonly presumed that training and education are the most important contributors to develop the skills and abilities of individuals and human capital therefore we are your partner in establishing and providing solutions that influence people, alter behaviors and develop the organization’s culture.

  • General Health and Safety Awareness
  • First Aid at Work
  • Elementary Health and Safety Training
  • Manual Handling Assessment and Safe Lifting Techniques
  • Risk Assessment
  • Workplace Safety Inspection
  • Internal Safety Auditing
  • Accident Investigation
  • Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Construction Safety Management
  • Control of Contractors
  • Safe Rigging Practices
  • Culture Diversity and Safe Workplace
  • Behavior Based Safety
  • Safety Leadership
  • Fall Protection Awareness
  • Fall Protection Authorized Person
  • Fall Protection Competent Person
  • Rescue At Height Awareness
  • Confined Space Entry Awareness
  • Confined Space Entry Competent Person
  • Lock Out / Tag Out System
  • Permit to Work System
  • Job Risk Assessment (JRA) / Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Gas Tester course
  • H2S Awareness
  • H2S Instructor
  • Risk Assessment / Risk Management
  • Hazard Identification Techniques
  • Train the Trainer
  • IADC Rig Pass
  • OSHA Outreach Training Program -10 Hour-
  • OSHA Outreach Training Program -30 Hour-
  • Introduction To Oil And Gas Industry
  • Forklift Operation Safety Training

Our training team consists of group of highly qualified HSE professionals who has both academic knowledge and practical experience in several business sectors; all our training facilitators are knowledgeable and skillful in terms of teaching and learning techniques so they provide effective programs that affect people lives and career. Building a partnership with us will allow us provide you with our facilitators to deliver your in-house training or your company’s specific training programs and also the assessment of those programs.

Knowledge, Skill and Ability are the three main component of developing your employees. We are expert in analyzing KSA and identifying the areas of improvement needed to develop your workforce. We can tailor our training programs to fit your organizations’ needs plus we can develop a program that covers the area of improvement you have.

 People tend to remember primacy and recency so providing your employees with a strong orientation program will help you set their expectations from the beginning and that will go along way of reducing the accidents in your workplace.

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