HSE Management Systems

HSE Management Systems

Excellence is a set of systematic activities carried out by the entire organization to effectively and efficiently achieve it’s objectives so as provide product and services to the level of Quality that satisfies customers at the appropriate time and cost. (EFQM)

This can be achieved only through strong and comprehensive management systems.

The Integrated Management system (IMS) combines all related components of business into one system for easier management and operation. Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety are combined and managed together as one system that makes those systems not separated and link together so that similar processes are effortlessly.

Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) is it a formal management system or framework it can help the organization to manage health and safety.

It’s your choice to use either IMS or HSMS however we are your partner in both.

Our Management Systems service is mainly for leaders, owners and line managers. It will particularly help those who need to put in place or oversee their organization’s health and safety arrangements.

  • IMS & HSMS GAP Analysis : We can examine and test your current management system therefore we can establish the areas of improvement your organization’s needed to apply so the whole organization’s management system can be enhanced and achieved excellence.
  • Implementation of applicable standards and regulation,As an outcome of our gap analysis, we can help you in the implementation and compliance of the applicable HSE standards and regulations therefore your business HSE practices can be internationally recognized
  • IMS & HSMS implementation as well as performance monitoring

Establishing HSE management system is a good practice however implementing and Monitoring that system is not easy. We have the ability to draw you an implementation map as well as monitoring and auditing your system.

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