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We partnership with you to develop a long-term strategy for your organization’s Safety Check out our business.

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We are dedicated to provide the most effective results-oriented consulting and training services.Our objective is to enable companies to create and sustain competitive advantage that would qualify them to be among the best performers in their business areas.

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Management Systems

Excellence is a set of systematic activities carried out by the entire organization to effectively and efficiently achieve it’s objectives so as provide product and services to the level of Quality that satisfies customers at the appropriate time and cost. (EFQM) Read more ..


We are about people and their lives. We believe that people are the most important value for developing an organization's future. Education provides one of the most concise and compelling rationales for the importance of addressing the Health and Safety behaviors. Read more ..

Accident Investigation Reports

Accident is an unwanted & unplanned event, which results in a loss or harm of any kind such as: injury to people or damage to equipment. Investigate the accident is a reactive approach however find out the root causes of the accident and implement a preventive actions will go alone way to eliminate the reoccurrence of such an accident which is a proactive approach. Read more ..

HSE Inspections – General Hazard Reports

How is your HSE management system? and How are your HSE arrangements going? Two questions look very simple but in fact they are so tough questions when it comes to measuring the HSE performance of an organization.  Read more ..

HSE Culture

Building workplaces where safety is "who we are" is building HSE culture that encourages brilliant performance and raises excellence.

Moving culture in desired directions can be one of the most challenging tasks facing an organization.  Read more ..

HSE Man-Power Supply

Attracting, developing, and keeping safety talent is a growing challenge facing organizations today.

Hiring HSE professionals is one of the services that rarely to find especially if you are looking for certain talents.  Read more ..

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If you are passionate about entrepreneurship and tackling global challenges and would like to work together, sponsor us, share our story, or get involved please do not hesitate to contact us!

Progress HSE

The Directors and Partners of Progress Consult have decades of experience in the construction and project management sector. We provide essential services which enable companies to expand their capabilities and capacities in managing their projects, programs and portfolios in a more professional and effective method.

We operate across all stages of the project lifecycle providing stand alone or integrated solutions. Our expertise are reflected in our professional training programs and our successful services shows that we “walk the talk”.

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